divorceHow divorce begins

For the divorce process to start, a petition must be filed. This contains basic information about each spouse, residency, children, employment and so forth. While both spouses may want to end the marriage the petition is typically submitted by one party under the guidance of a family attorney.

What happens if my spouse files for Divorce?

A divorce is technically considered a lawsuit, which means that you will need to be served with the lawsuit. In a formal service, a constable, private server, or officer will serve the papers to you. If both parties expect the process, you may simply receive a waiver in the mail. You will sign it to say that you do not need to be formally served with a lawsuit.

Issues that may arise during divorce

There may be many different issues to be resolved in a divorce case. These issues include: Child Custody, Child Visitation, Spousal Support and Spousal Maintenance, Division of marital assets. A divorce can be contested or uncontested. If the divorce is uncontested, one or both parties may hire a divorce attorney to consult with them and/or to draft the necessary paperwork. This is the easier way. In a contested divorce, the spouses may not be able to agree about child custody, child visitation, child support, or distribution of marital assets. In this case, they both will need a divorce lawyer.