Walking you through every step of the divorce process.



Clifford Swayze is an experienced attorney that works day in and day out to help you start to the finish of your divorce. Clifford Swayze will walk you through every step of the divorce process.



Clifford Swayze wants to help  you through your divorce or child custody case. His goal is to help you achieve what is in the best interest of your children.


Clifford Swayze is dedicated to take care of his clients during a traumatic time in their lives. That includes a reasonable retainer and an affordable payment plan.


Clifford Swayze’s passion for advocating for his clients combined with his comprehensive communication skills allow him to understand his client’s needs as well as guide them through the legal process.



    Clifford Swayze is the most amazing attorney I have ever retained.  From the very beginning of my case, he was on top of every aspect.  His communication is thorough, his attention to detail is impeccable, and his memory is just plain spooky – the man never forgets a thing, no matter how minor the item may be.  Clifford’s integrity is unparalleled.  He truly cares about his clients’ best interest on a personal level.  I only wish I could give him more than five stars on this review, because he truly worked miracles for me.  Clifford’s representation of my case literally changed the outcome of my long term future.  Whether your situation is family or criminal, I Clifford will deliver unlike any other attorney I know in the Austin area. – A Former Client

    I really would like to recommend Cliff Swayze to everyone that is looking for a family attorney. After long hours of mediation in my past and trouble’s finding an attorney that would fight for me and my family, I was referred to Cliff. He is very intelligent, knows family law and has had complete dedication to my case and many cases I know friends of mine are going through with him. My case is not an easy road and still a long way to go. With the patience, compassion towards his clients and their family & the   dedication he has proven in late nights and constant communication with myself and my family and given some relief with what he has fought for me and my family and awarded better by the judge. His beliefs and morals in family law not only in his personal life but his experience and knowledge in law helped him provide counsel and guidance to his clients. He has given my family his undivided attention and comfort when required and also when not needed. I consider Cliff not only my attorney but a close family friend. If you need someone that is there to fight for you, your family and your rights that knows the law and what is right and wrong, he is by far the best attorney! – A Former Client

    Cliff was referred to me 3 years ago by a friend.  I would like to thank Cliff Swayze who I will always give a shout out to!! We have been thru alot over the last few years and me finding comfort that he is on the case as always been my saving grace.He has been my rock, my friend and my attorney thru this journey and I can’t thank him enough for all the hard work he so graciously gives. His knowledge and words never cease to amaze me.I have seen first hand how he has changed other peoples lives as well as mine and my family by personally witnessing a lady come up to him crying while we where talking in the hallway thanking him and saying how he changed her life as well. He is very professional and sincere in and out of the courtrooml.  If you have any concerns of having a great attorney them put them to rest and call him. He truly is an amazing person and attorney. – A Former Client

    I would highly recommend Cliff Swayze to anyone seeking help with family law.  He always makes himself so available to help and with a wonderful attitude.  I know for a fact that he is a very busy man but always makes time for me regardless of the situation.  The level of service your receive with him is top notch and you feel good knowing that, unlike the bigger firms, you’re talking directly to the man representing you.  Generally when you’re in a situation where you need an attorney the stress levels are peaking.  He has a great demeanor that assures you things are being taken care of and allows you to breath easily in a time you wouldn’t imagine you could. – A Former Client

    “Sarah was really patient to listen to all my problems and try her best to give me good advices as well as effective solutions for my case. Thanks to her, I won the case.”

    “I’ve been happy with the services provided by Lawyer Attorneys Firm. Josh Tim did a great job! He returned my calls quickly, and answered all my questions.”